This is my hobby now and I can devote only my spare time for it.
Therefore, if an ordered product is not in stock, then the production time will be 3-8 business days.
I will be trying as quickly as possible to carry out a parcel to the post office and send to you. Thank you for your understanding and waiting ;) 
The estimated delivery time of your order is from 3 to 12 weeks. Unfortunately, I have no way to influence the speed of your country's postal services :(
According to statistics, parcels reach the USA the fastest (2-3 weeks), if it is not the pre-holiday period


All parcels are sent as a 'small packet' marked as a 'gift'. I am not responsible for a long time of delivery or loss of parcels. I will follow the movement of the parcel with you. And if you miss the moment of arrival at your post office, I will let you know. 
As a service for tracking parcels, I can offer https://trackitonline.ru/ or any other parcel tracking service (Click on the link and enter the track code that I sent to your email)


You can preview a product from all sides on photos, video, read a description before you make an order. Therefore, if you make an order and pay for it – you are satisfied. The product you received is the same as pictured. Possible tiny differences because it is handmade, not a factory stamping. After all, these tiny differences make each item unique and one of a kind!
Therefore, I do not provide a return service. It is very time consuming for me and takes mental strength. I would like to devote my spare time to the creativity instead standing in line at a post office.
If you have any questions or clarifications on the order - for example, to correct the address - I will be happy to help you buckbeaknest.shop@gmail.com
By placing an order in my shop, you acknowledge you have read this section and fully agree to the terms outlined above.