"Niffler fantastic beasts - comes from Britain. Fluffy, black and long-snouted, this burrowing creature has a predilection for anything glittery. Nifflers are often kept by goblins to burrow deep into the earth for treasure. Though the plush Niffler is gentle and even affectionate, it can be destructive to belongings and should never be kept in a house. The Niffler live in lairs up to twenty feet below the surface and produce six to eight young in a litter."

Extract from "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find"

Each one is totally handmade from scratch so no two are exactly the same. The perfect keepsake for Potterheads and any fan of the Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter series!

Height approx 23 cm ( ~9")

Width 11-13 cm (~5")

Handmade 100%Solid parts are made of polymer clay.Glass eyes.Fully Posable. Wire skeleton.The skin is made from Faux Fur.


This item is not a toy, each doll is made by hand by the artist, and although durable, it will not hold up to heavy play.