Pickett Bowtruckle - fantastic beasts figurine handmade

Pickett bowtruckle figure makes a wonderful gift for any fan of the harry potter world. And fans magic beasts will be happy to get such a pet ;)

You can buy bowtruckle toy amazon but this figure will never be able to replace fantastic beasts bowtruckle handmade. I'll try to explain why pickett the bowtruckle toy is a great harry potter gift ideas.

Pickett bowtruckle is a pet Newt Scamander from the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Apart from the bowtruckle Pickett magizoologist there were several bowtruckle name, but this one was the clear favorite. Magic beasts really liked the fans of the film and a special love deserve the litle Pickett bowtruckle.

How to make a bowtruckle? A detailed answer to this question you can find, for example, on YouTube – there you can find a dozen detailed instructions for creating Pickett bowtruckle figure. In my harry potter gift shop you can purchase a ready-made version of Pickett bowtruckle handmade figurine:

Height of the figurine 4-4,3 inch (10-11 cm)

Pickett fantastic beasts toy is made of polymer clay, painted with acrylic paints. Inside the figure has a frame of copper wire. So Pickett the Bowtruckle figurine is not as fragile as it may seem.

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