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Pennywise Cat Figurine

Dancing Cat Pennywise -a very friendly and cheerful little animal ... Oh, who do I fill - this purring lump of rage and madness will give odds to his master Pennywise!

Pennywise Cat also loves to eat human fear, and prefers children. First, have them the most vivid and delicious fear, and second, even demonic the cat cope with adult substantially harder to, than with child. Figurine Cat Pennywise made from polymer clay, painting acrylic.

Glass eyes have a "tracking" effect. From what angle you would not look at the cat, he will closely monitor you. Complete with a figure – stand in the form of a manhole and branded balloon IT. 

 And by the way, you've noticed what is in the paw of a Cat is IT )? Hello, Loser's Club...

If you're lucky - you can find this figure in my store on Etsy. If not - there are many other interesting creatures https://www.etsy.com/shop/BuckbeakNest