Alexey Gladkov - Buckbeaknest owner


Hey everyone! 
Hi everyone! My name is Alex. I create various fantastic creatures and characters of famous movies, games, books from polymer clay. The lion's share of my figurines are dragons and wyvern. Well, who doesn't love dragons :) ?
From early childhood, I happily sculpted the various monsters and funny creatures. At the time, my favorite material was the plasticine. This plasticine was scattered throughout the home. Especially my parents were upset (mom, I didn't mean to!), when my plasticine was smeared-out on the carpet.... Passed more than a dozen years before I remembered about my hobby, which so pleased me at that time, and I have high expectations for it now, when I have stuck in the everydayness and work. And I was right ;)
A polymer clay had replaced the plasticine, but the joy of the modeling process remains the same, and even more! The oven baked polymer clay allowed me to keep my crafts on period incomparably greater than before. Besides, I can present my crafts to friends now =)
One day, I got an idea, maybe somebody besides my friends could enjoy by my crafts. After all, there are millions of people in the world who like me are fans of the Harry Potter universe, and other fantasy worlds. People who are just like me and my friends love all kinds of cool and unusual things and jewelries ,and if they are made manually..... The people who could become my new friends =)
That's how my store appeared on Etsy - BuckbeakNest. You can even see some of the ones that I managed to save....
And then sanctions hit my country, and I was left not only without an Etsy store, but without the opportunity to sell my figurines somehow. No methods of direct sale are available to me, and even donation services that most are used to.
The only option now is the Russian equivalent of Patreon - BOOSTY Unfortunately, I don't have the opportunity to sell you any figurine right now. If there is a desire, you can support my creativity by becoming a sponsor. I will be immensely grateful to every donation, and all donaters will be included in my new videos